More than 65 LIGA MAC’s scholarship grantees finished the ESL program that started three months ago. The wonderful team of 26 volunteers chaired by Nancy Wayne celebrated with pizza and cake, and they also gave the kids diplomas of recognition.

“After 3 months in the ESL program, 65+ LIGA MAC’s Scholarship grantees who started out timid and unsure of themselves participated at different skill levels and taking risks with activities. And for those whose learning curve was higher, they stood center stage in front of large ESL groups presenting their personal bios or talking about how English is important to their futures. They have learned to trust their facilitators, their peers, and themselves. Our students are like any other teen with academic, social and personal lives and if encouraged to “dream big” have aspirations for the future. Here are a just a few responses to a questionnaire our facilitators gave them a few weeks ago: Roberto: would like to be a lawyer, but to dream big would be a singer. Karla: would like to be an accountant in a bank, but to dream big would be a writer of love stories. Francisca: would like to work in human resources or the air force and to dream big would be to own all social networks.  

Our team of volunteers who committed to working with the students this year also had and continue to have “big dreams” for them.  We want our SJC LIGA MAC kids to know that they are very important, so much so that we show up every week to be with them to teach, laugh, hug and cheer them on.  We will miss our time with them, but have offered to stay in touch to practice their English and to let them know we care about them even when we are apart” Nancy Wayne – Chair of the ESL Volunteer Team.

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