You brought food to their tables

Dear Friends of Liga MAC,
Thank you, thank you, thank you! Liga MAC asked for help and you responded! To date we have received $7,000 USD that you specified should be spent on food vouchers and utility payments for our students’ families during the COVID crisis.
Thus far we have issued 63 food vouchers at 750 pesos each for a total of $2,015 USD. We have also helped 2 families with electric bills and 4 students with cell phone payments for a total of $50 USD. 
Maintaining cell phone accounts is critical to high school and university students as contact with teachers, and homework and assignments are managed digitally through a What’s App account. Electric bills are issued bi-monthly and we expect to be helping more families as the bills come due. Each 750 peso food voucher feeds a family of 4 for 10 days.
Meanwhile, the federal and state decreed lockdown continues in Los Cabos. The federal Secretary of Health has designed a symbolic “stoplight” (semaforo) to indicate when states can resume activities. 
At the moment BCS is in the red zone which indicates only essential services will be in operation. As soon as the number of cases per 100,000 population is reduced to a level acceptable to the health ministry, the state will move into the orange level. 
At that point mining activity, construction, automotive sectors can resume work with restrictions. During the yellow zone, limited public activities will be allowed and full economic activities. 
And finally the green level will indicate resumption of school, social and leisure activities as well as full economic activity. The next two weeks for Los Cabos will be critical and business leaders as well as civic leaders are calling for strict adherence to the COVID protocols.
The state Ministry of Education has announced that schools will remain closed at least until late August. Online learning will continue until July 17 with year end transcripts being digitally produced. There will be no graduation ceremonies and high school admission tests will be postponed or determined by allotment.
Our students, supported by Elva and her staff, are persevering in the face of adversity. Please take a few minutes to view the video our students and staff have prepared for you. If you would like to add to the relief fund which will provide food vouchers and pay for utilities for our students and their families, please click on the DONATE button below or visit our website at If you would like to leave a comment or have a question please contact us at [email protected]
And finally, we are delighted to announce that our Board member and revered member of the local medical community, Dr. Mauricio Mercado, has recovered from his bout with COVID19 and will be returning to normal activities soon. Welcome back Dr. Mercado!
With appreciation,
Maria Lindenberg, President
Board of Directors, Liga MAC, A.C.
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Dear donors and volunteers

Dear Friends of Liga MAC, an update from San Jose del Cabo:


Baja California Sur (BCS) now has Mexico’s second highestincidence rate for COVID19, second only to Mexico City (coronavirus.bcs) Most of the BCS cases have occurred in Los Cabos. Governor Carlos Mendoza Davis has declaredthat BCS has entered phase 3 (of 4) of the COVID19 crisis meaning that the state medical system is at risk of beingoverwhelmed. On April 25, the Governor issued a directivesuspending all non-essential activities until May 30, withoffences being punishable by heavy fines and imprisonment.


In response to the growing need for medical and foodsupplies, the Community Alliance of Baja California Sur (CABCS) was created and is comprised of representativesfrom businesses, charities, foundations and various levels ofgovernment ( Cash and in-kind donations are being organized to supply personal protective equipment tohospitals and food for those in need. Food distribution beganin La Paz/Cabo San Lucas during April 13-19 and in San Jose del Cabo the week of April 20-26. Delivery volunteersregister each family, providing them a barcoded card tofacilitate future deliveries (planned every 15 days). TheMunicipal government through its DIF (Desarrollo Integral de la Familia) arm is also dispensing food to its vulnerable population – the elderly, those with disabilities, teen mothers, and now the unemployed.


The Department of Education resumed school electronicallyon April 20 and announced that classrooms are expected toreopen on June 1 and that the school year will be extended toJuly 17. Our Liga MAC junior and senior high schoolstudents receive their work via open learning television and are in contact with their teachers via What’s App. Moststudents have pay-as-you-go cellular phones and are able tophotograph their homework and send it electronically totheir teachers. Our university students on the other hand, must use the internet to receive and post their work.


Liga MAC’s staff, Elva, Consuelo, and Karen have beencanvassing our students and their families to discern theirlevel of need. With the latest directives from thegovernment, most of our families, who have already beenidentified as marginalized, will lose their sources of income. Community food distribution packages (which contain onlybasic food items and no hygiene products), have helped butwith increased demand, the system will be strained. As thecrisis continues, money for rent, electrical bills, propane, etc. will have to be found. All these demands have created notonly tangible strains but emotional ones. Our students are feeling the anxiety of uncertainty.


Liga MAC’s commitment, indeed, our mission, is to supportour 328 students through our educational program. We, theBoard and staff of Liga MAC, are committed to ensuringthat our students receive whatever help they need tocomplete their education. In these trying times, thatcommitment means grocery vouchers to purchase freshvegetables and meat or soap, bleach, disinfectant and otherhygiene products. It might mean emotional counselling orhelp to pay the electrical bill so that our students can complete and submit homework. Whatever the need, we willbe there.


On a final note, one of our Board Members is on the frontlines of battling COVID19. Dr. Mauricio  Mercado chairsLiga MAC’s Health and Nutrition Program which teachesstudents about healthy lifestyles and food choices. In addition to his private practice, on weekends Dr. Mercado isthe director in charge of the IMSS Hospital in Colonia Guaymitas – one of the public hospitals in San Jose del Cabo dedicated to COVID19 triage. Last week we learned that Dr. Mercado had contracted COVID19. We are with you and your family Dr. Mercado and wish you a speedy recovery!


The economic fallout from the COVID19 pandemic is yet tobe determined but we do know that those on the lowestrungs of the socioeconomic ladder will fare the worst. Ourstudents are our hope for our community’s future. Please, ifyou can spare the funds to help these students, visit ourwebsite at or click on the Donate button below. If you would like to leave a comment or have a questionplease contact us [email protected]




Maria Lindenberg, President

Board of Directors, Liga MAC, A.C.

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An update from us

Dear Friends of Liga MAC,
In these unprecedented times we want to keep you, our friends, volunteers, and supporters informed of the COVID19 situation as it pertains to Liga MAC’s staff, students and their families. First let me reassure you that all precautions have been taken to ensure the safety of our staff. Our Centro de Apoyo located in Zacatal has been closed since March 20 and our staff have been working from home. Elva Haro, Liga MAC’s Executive Director, Consuelo and Karen have set up student chat groups to monitor any student concerns whether educational or personal.
All schools in Los Cabos closed on March 23 and are slated to remain closed until May 4 (although that date may be extended). During the first 2 weeks of school closure our students were sent home with assignments to be completed by April 3. The Easter Break or Semana Santa holidays which began April 6 will end April 17 but further school work has not been assigned.
Hotels, restaurants, construction projects, and many other non-essential businesses have been forced to close due to the COVID19 crisis. As a result, most of our families’ incomes have been impacted and we have seen requests for electronic food vouchers increasing on a weekly basis. With family resources dwindling, future expenses such as electric, propane, and water will present a problem.
Normally at this time of year, our staff would be preparing to accept applications for next year’s student support program. Our staff work with school administrators and social workers to select applicants for testing and then interview both the student and their parent(s) before making the final selection. At the moment this process is on hold.
So much uncertainty has created an environment of fear and anxiety amongst some students and indeed the general population and our staff has offered counselling and advocacy wherever needed. An increased police presence has maintained order in the community and there are no food shortages although extra measures are taken in the grocery stores to combat contamination. 
Elva and her team will continue to monitor our 328 students and their families and provide whatever support they might need and we will continue to provide you with updates as the closures continue. We thank you for your concern and if you have been considering a donation to Liga MAC in 2020 and are able to donate, please visit our website at 
Thank you for your continued support of Liga MAC
Maria Lindenberg, President
Board of Directors
Liga MAC, A.C.
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An update from us

Liga MAC Supporters,
Our appreciation to Joe Garcia, who has completed his tenure as Liga MAC President, and continues to volunteer in a board advisory capacity.
I have been actively involved with Liga MAC for several years, most recently as a board member, accountable for volunteer activities. I am honoured to step into the Board President role effective today; and I am grateful for your past and continued support of Liga MAC.
Everyone is being impacted by the Covid-19 public health crisis, including our charity. We suspended volunteer outreach/fundraising activities on March 14 and our staff of 3, have been working from home since March 20.
Elva, Consuelo and Karen continue our critical work in this time of increased need – focusing on assisting our students and their families navigate their education requirements, mental health well being and financial concerns. They are guiding students on how to continue their studies/assignments (finding access to computers, internet or assignment hard copies), manage their household stress and are providing electronic food vouchers for staples (flour, beans, water) where jobs have been lost due to this crisis.
We thank all of our donors for your donation pledges. If you have already made your donation, THANK YOU! For outstanding pledges and/or new donations, a reminder that 100% tax deductible donations can be made as follows:
Mexico: contact Elva Haro at [email protected] or 624 122 0510
If you are able, please consider giving today, to help support our students and their families. Thank you for your continued support of Liga MAC and our work in OUR community of San Jose del Cabo.
Be kind and generous to others & to yourselves, Sincerely
Maria Lindenberg
Liga MAC A.C.
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Thank your for joining us last night

We are very grateful for your attendance to our fundraiser gala last night. Your support means everything to us. On behalf of ALL of us at Liga MAC

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Wishing you a Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you and your family! As the year ends we want to take a moment to reflect on the past year and be thankful for the support of our loyal donors. We wouldn’t be here without you.
If you have not made your 2019 donation, we cordialy invite you to consider donating now.
It’s very easy to donate on line!
Cheers to another great year!
All of us at Liga MAC
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Mentoring Evening

A group of local successful professionals and entrepreneurs hosted an enjoyable gathering for a small group of Liga MAC university students. The young adults listened to their advice while having tasty grilled burgers. Our sincere appreciation goes to Edgar Villegas from Waicura Technologies for making this fabulous experience possible. 
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Tomorrow is our Christmas Fiesta

Don’t miss Liga MAC’s Christmas Fiesta tomorrow Tuesday December 3rd at The Shoppes at Palmilla
6 – 9 pm – Free entrance
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