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    Whenever it is discovered one of our grantees and/or their families are going through a crisis, we provide the social support needed. We partner with local professionals, as well as the corresponding...
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    Whenever our students require special tests or medications that do not qualify for coverage under the national health care system, we help them. We work in conjunction with area physicians, hospitals,...
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    Our Scholarship Program provides the required tuition, uniforms, and school supplies for students in good standing that are “at risk” of leaving school due to financial difficulties. 

2018 Spring Newsletter

Letter from the Board President
The Liga MAC Board and its Board of Advisors have been working with a digital marketing company, OVIS which we hired last October, to help us market, rebrand and reposition Liga MAC. This initiative will describe our focus on education to our donors, friends, our volunteers and anyone interested in learning why, what and how Liga MAC is helping to improve the lives and standards of living of the San Jose del Cabo communities we serve.
As you may know, Liga MAC is now focusing its community support, in San Jose del Cabo, on our scholarship students and their families by awarding scholarship grants for secondary, high school and university studies. As a part of this program, we also offer medical assistance and financial support to students and their immediate family members, if they meet the criteria. Qualifying for scholarship consideration is based on comprehensive criteria developed specifically for the program. Attached, please find our Executive Summary that spells out, in detail, the focus, vision and mission of Liga MAC 's work.
In future editions of this newsletter, we will continue to pass along updates as well as the progress we are making as our scholarship students finish another successful year of studies and Liga MAC prepares to review and qualify the selected students for the next academic year.
And, the newsletter will provide updates on our marketing and rebranding strategy as is evidenced by our new logo.
As always we thank you, our donors, friends, our volunteers and the dedicated Liga MAC staff for your support, generosity and involvement in all that you do for this worthy organization.
Please feel free to contact me, any board member or Elva Haro, our Executive Director with any questions, suggestions or comments; and please be sure to offer a solution if it is called for.
Thank you for your continued support!
Joseph Garcia
Board President
Fundraiser Event
On February 6th, 2018 Liga MAC held its anual fundraiser gala at the Beach Club in Casa del Mar. Hotel. Once more, our heartfelt appreciation goes to all our friends and supporters that joined us for “A Night in Old Mexico”. The touching note was brought by a group of Liga MAC’s scholars who came to the event to thank in person to our donors for their generous support. Thanks to our sponsors (Casa del Mar, Corporate Travel Alliance, PSAV and Flowers & Events), the attendance of guests and pledges, we were able to raise $140K US. Thank you!
New Board Members
We are very proud to introduce and welcome our new board members: Dr. Deneb Poli and Maria Lindenberg.
Born in Canada, Dr. Poli is a permanent resident in San Jose del Cabo. Having a communty-oriented heart, she got involved with the Liga MAC Advisory Board first. In Summer, 2017 she also became part of the profesional team that launched the Health Through Education pilot program with Liga MAC. Married to a Mexican citizen, Dr. Poli’s is also the working mother of two beautiful kids. Fully bilingual and bi-cultural, we are thrilled to have Dr. Poli as our new board director.
Maria Lindenberg is from Calgary. She has spent her holidays in Los Cabos area along with ther husband during the past 20 years. She retired a year ago from her position as a Supply Chain Management Executive from a large international corporation. They now chose San Jose del Cabo to be their second home. Maria volunteered with Liga MAC in the ESL program last season. Her interaction as a facilitator with a group of scholars during the program, got her interested in getting more involved. We feel very enthusiastic about having Maria on board; we are positive that her talents are to be great assets for our team. Welcome both!
Liga MAC's Educational Support Program
Per law, in Mexico K-12 education must be secular, free of charge and mandatory for all children. However, after 6th grade things get difficult for many parents who struggle to make their living at minimum wages, because they have to cover inevitable expenses such as uniforms, shoes and other associated costs not provided by the education system, like bus transportation, tuition fees and food at school.
Liga MAC created an educational support program 13 years ago to help the children of deprived families to stay at school. Liga MAC provides uniforms, shoes, tuition fees and school suplies to qualifying students to move forward through high-school, encouraging them to continue for a trade or a higher education.
How we do it? We partner with social workers and school officers who refer qualified students for our program. Thanks to the support of our generous donors, we were able to take 403 students for the 2017-2018 school year, same that are distributed as follows:
Our services also include social assistance and health support, as well as workshops, courses and other life-skills offered to our kids, to increase the opportunity for a successfull transit through their secondary education. The average annual cost to helping one student to stay at school is $450 US
Health through Education
In September, 2017 Liga MAC launched a new pilot program to promote a healthy lifestlyle amongst its scholars and families.
Why? Because of the overwhelming increase in the levels of overweight and obesity in the general population, particularly children and young people, predisposes them to develop chronic-degenerative diseases such as hypertension and diabetes.
These diseases already generate a great economic burden to the health system, due to all the ailments and complications attributed to these diseases, which not only add to the constraints in the health system, but also reduce the quality and life expectancy of millions of adults of income earning age as well as seniors. 
The goal of this project is to educate the Liga MAC students in basic areas of personal health care, such as healthy eating, regular exercise and dental hygiene, in order to prevent obesity and its associated diseases, as well as preventing the high costs attributed lack of dental care and its consequences. 
The participants in the pilot group are 25 students of both sexes, belonging to families of scarce resources living in popular colonies of San Jose. Liga MAC has worked with them and their families for 8 months now. The final session and the corresponding assessment of results will be in June. Liga MAC’s plan for the future is to make this program available to more students for a broader impact. 
English Course
Twenty-five Liga MAC volunteers from 5 different countries (Canada, Colombia, Mexico, Trinidad & Tobago and USA) facilitated the 2018 edition of the English as a Second Language (ESL) course.
More than 80 scholars benefited from this experience that goes beyond helping our students to improve their English notes at school. This course is also meant to provide a fun multicultural experience to our kids that allow them to strengthen their self-esteem and to expand their mindset, by interacting with their peers and with the friendly English speaking facilitators.
The expansion of the scope of the Liga MAC ESL course has been possible due to the partnership of Liga MAC and the Officers of Cecyt-04 public high-school, that allow Liga MAC to use their facilities to carry out the course during 10 weeks on Saturday mornings.
The growth of the course is also the result of the committed work from our enthusiastic volunteers, who made possible such an inspiring experience for the kids, hoping that they see in our volunteer group, same that includes local Mexican young adults, role models for their life. In this program only, a total number of 2,500 volunteer hours were recorded.
In addition, our purpose is that our students understand the positive impact that knowing a second language can bring to their lives, including better job opportunities in the future. 
New Graduates

In March, Liga MAC celebrated the graduation of 7 new professionals: Luis Ibarra, Accounting; Andy Hernandez, Joselyne Lara and Facundo Gomez, Business Administration; Elias Colomo; Food & Beverage Management; Fernando Mora, IT Management and Diana Aparicio, Lawyer, who received their Bachelor of Science Degree. We are very proud of having walked by their side for the past four years. Congratulations!


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