Lidia Aftermath Update

This Monday, our clients started to come to the Liga MAC Support Center. Fortunately, most of the reports from our students and families tell us that they survived the storm and are doing fine. All those who live in shanties, got their belongings wet (clothing, mattresses, houseware appliances, etc.) Thanks to our reserve of clothing, we have been able to provide them with dry clothes and emergency care.

The official reports indicate that there are more people who lost their homes in Cabo San Lucas. This is because the irregular settlements were much more numerous there. In San Jose del Cabo, the people who lost everything were living in the arroyo beds. The immediate relief has been getting to people, thanks to the government efforts and the ONGs. While the services are getting reestablished on a steady basis (electricity is 90% back), the most difficult part has been to reconnect the rural communities, because of the destroyed dirt roads. The military forces, along with the municipal authorities have been rehabilitating the roads and the water supply. 90% of the students in the municipality of Los Cabos went back to their classrooms on Tuesday, September 5th.

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After Storm Lidia, We Stand Strong

September 1, 2017.

Dear friends, donors and volunteers,

Once again, mother nature has dealt a blow delivered by the tropical storm Lidia which has caused some severe damage to many homes and the infrastructure in Los Cabos, as well as the regrettable loss of life. We would like to inform you that our Support Center in El Zacatal, San Jose del Cabo sustained no damage and in operating condition. Also, our staff and their families are also safe. We have toured the affected areas and we have seen that the authorities are doing their part in dealing with the crisis. Other major impacts to the infrastructure have been to the utilities, communications and services. The local, state and federal authorities are working effectively to reconnect the disrupted sectors throughout Los Cabos.

The electricity supply is gradually being restored, and the water supply will be normalized as the municipality rehabilitates the wells and the distribution network. Notably, the armed forces are out on full alert to prevent any acts of vandalism and to keep everyone safe, allowing businesses to operate normally. There is no serious shortage of food or fuel at this time.

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Paloma Cordero (Conalep) and Carolina Apaez (Cetmar), two Liga MAC scholarship grantees graduated with honors from high-school, and their corresponding classes were named after them. These two young ladies had an outstanding academic performance during the 3-years of “prepa”. Congratulations Paloma & Carolina! We are very proud of you.

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More than 60 Liga MAC Scholars get their High-School Diploma


July marks the end of the school year, and we are very proud to say that we have helped many kids to finish their "prepa" (high-school studies). More than 60 students are getting their diplomas from the five public high-schools of San Jose. This is the materialization of the support that Liga MAC receives from donors and supporters.

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