Eufemia came in one day to the Liga MAC Support Center saying that she needed an eye surgery to save her sight. The doctor’s letter certified that she had suffered luxation of the crystalline and retinal detachment in both eyes, and that she needed surgery in the right eye to avoid losing her vision.

Eufemia is 35 and the Mom of two boys, a 9 and a 5-year-old. Her husband abandoned them a few years ago. She works washing dishes for her niece, who runs a small food business in a populous neighborhood of San Jose del Cabo. When we visited Eufemia at home, we confirmed her disabled condition: her moves were very insecure, she could neither cook safely, nor take proper care of other chores around the house.

She felt lost and was convinced that she had no way to help herself. We encouraged her to knock on other doors, and to do something on her own to earn money for the surgery. Then, she said that she knew how to cook tamales. After brainstorming with her, she came up with the idea of baking tamales with her niece’s help, and selling them to the members of her church. Liga MAC helped with food vouchers to buy the needed ingredients. We agreed that first she had to do her homework and come back whenever she was ready to move forward. The goal was to raise $35,000 pesos, which was the eye’s doctor quote for materials and hospital expenses only.


A few weeks later, Eufemia came back to Liga MAC showing us a letter from the City agreeing to give her a $20,000 peso contribution for her surgery. In addition, she and her family had raised $6,000 pesos by selling the tamales! She just needed another $9,000 pesos, which Liga MAC gladly agreed to pay. This was a true “hand-in-hand” cooperative effort.


Eufemia went through the surgery successfully. She recovered much of her vision. Her life now is much more normal. She can take better care of herself and of her kids thanks to the team work in which we, at Liga MAC, are so proud to have taken part.


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