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Educational Support

Our Scholarship Program provides the required tuition, uniforms, and school supplies for students in good standing that are “at risk” of leaving school due to financial difficulties. 

We award scholarships to students at the secundaria level (junior high school), preparatoria level (high school) and attend University in all the public schools of San Jose del Cabo.  We partner with social workers and school administrators to qualify students for our financial support.  Each student must sign a “contract” with LIGA MAC, whereby they agree to:  

  1. provide us with report cards and attendance records on a quarterly basis 
  1. to maintain a minimum GPA of 8.5 (Equivalent to a B+ in the US)  
  1. participate in community service projects developed by LIGA MAC, and  
  1. to attend additional classes, workshops, lectures, seminars and any other cultural, educational, sport or social activity that we organize.  

We also mentor and follow-up our kids along their way, not only through a variety of activities that supplement their preparation for life; we also carry out on-going social work services available to them and their families, making sure that they are well-nourished and stay healthy. 

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Monday – Friday 9 am to 1 pm

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Monday – Friday 9 am to 4 pm

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Corner of Margarito Sandez and Luis Castro Colonia Zacatal, San Jose del Cabo, BCS. 

Phone: +52(624) 120-1060  Fax: +52(624) 120-1070   

E-mail: [email protected]

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