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2016 ESL Program

Every week for three months, 28 LIGA MAC volunteers spent time with our 65 ESL students where some jumped in with both feet while others tentatively entered the circle.  What was very exciting and underscored how this program is so much more than about learning English is what the facilitators are reporting about the increased self-confidence of all the students.  For those kids who started out being timid and unsure of themselves, they were at the end participating at different skill levels and took risks with activities.  And for those whose learning curve was higher, they were standing center stage in front of large ESL groups presenting their personal bios or talking about how English is important for their futures.  They have learned to trust their facilitators (about whom they wrote in their evaluations that they know care about them and make them feel safe), their peers (who support and cheer them on) and, most importantly, themselves.

Each of our students are like any other teen with academic, social and personal lives.  And, above all else, if encouraged to "dream big", they have aspirations for their futures.  The kids appear to be living quiet, small lives but there is SO much more to them.  The following are some of the responses to a questionnaire we gave to the High-Shool students a few weeks ago. 

If this doesn't put a smile on your face, then nothing will! The answers on the left of the line are what they "think" they will do in the future.  The answers on the right of the line are the "big dreams" of what they want to do.

Roberto - Law Degree / Singer

Yesenia - Lawyer / Lawyer

Abraham - Military Doctor, Lawyer / Doctor

Emilio - Business Administrator, Coach of A Soccer Team / Veterinarian, Businessman

Francisca - Human Resources, Air Force Soldier / Owner of All Social Networks

Rosario - Computer Technician / Actress

Beatriz - Lawyer / Criminologist

Selina - Teacher, Lawyer / Interior Designer

Jafeth - Software Programmer, Computer Repair / Work for Google

Carolina - Medicine / Medical Practice in A Hospital

Beatriz Adriana - Tourism / Administrator of The Best Hotel in The World

Judith - Human Rights / Law Degree

Alex - Study Gastronomy to Be a Chef / Work in A Luxury Restaurant

Nani - Work with Technology Companies as A Videogame Developer, Inventor and Scientist / To Be a Great Businesswoman and Scientist in The Field of Technology and The Creator of Useful Inventions for Human Development

Karla - Accountant, To Maybe Work in A Bank / Psychologist, Writer of Many Love Stories

We who had committed to working with the 65+ students this year also had and continue to have "big dreams" for them.  We want our SJC Liga MAC kids to know that they are very important, so much so, that we show up every week to be with them to teach, laugh, hug and cheer them on. We will miss our time with the kids but have offered to stay in touch with them to continue their English practice and to let them know we care. Nancy Wayne – ESL Program Chair

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