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Many families require special tests or medications that do not qualify for coverage under the national health care system (Seguro Popular), and therefore would have to forego this treatment or medication without our support. Prospective patients are referred to our organization by area physicians, hospitals, social workers, and government agencies. We also work in conjunction with area physicians, hospitals, and pharmacies to provide this care at a greatly reduced cost. Our support includes (but is not limited to) medication, lab tests, minor operations, physician care, and emergency care.


Hand-in-Hand with other Organizations

LIGA MAC with the Los Cabos Childrens Foundation

LIGA MAC Collaborates with Los Cabos Children’s Foundation (LCCF) to identify children with congenital heart diseases or cancer. When we, at LIGA MAC, are screening families that have reached out us for support, we are able to identify members of the family with health problems that qualify to be addressed to other agencies or non-profit organizations, such as LCCF. While our mission is to provide a helping hand to all those individuals that have fallen into the cracks of the National Health System, we do not have the resources for major surgeries or treatments like these. Our work as agents becomes very valuable to all our clients. To learn more about LCCF, visit www.loscaboschildren.org 


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Monday – Friday 9 am to 1 pm

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Monday – Friday 9 am to 4 pm

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Corner of Margarito Sandez and Luis Castro Colonia Zacatal, San Jose del Cabo, BCS. 

Phone: +52(624) 120-1060  Fax: +52(624) 120-1070   

E-mail: info@ligamac.org

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