An Educational Support Program that makes a difference

Our Educational Support Program provides the required tuition, uniforms, and school supplies for students in good standing that are “at risk” of leaving school due to financial difficulties.

We also mentor and follow-up our kids along their way, not only through a variety of activities that supplement their preparation for life; we also carry out ongoing social work services available to them and their families, making sure that they are well-nourished and stay healthy.


Liga MAC believes that education is an essential component to ensuring a quality life. In the year 2004, we created an Educational Support Program to help the children of deprived families to stay at school. Liga MAC provides uniforms, shoes, tuition fees and school supplies to qualifying students to move forward through high school, encouraging them to continue for a trade or a higher education.

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Whenever our students require special tests or medications that do not qualify for coverage under the national health care system, we help them. We work in conjunction with area physicians, hospitals, pharmacies and private or public agencies to provide this care at a greatly reduced cost. Our support includes (but is not limited to) medication, lab or image tests, minor operations, physician care, and emergency care. In all cases, the student’s family is incorporated as a responsible co-participant in dealing with the corresponding costs and follow-up on treatments.

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Whenever it is discovered one of our grantees and/or their families are going through a crisis, we provide the social support needed. We partner with local professionals, as well as the corresponding government entities, to help our kids to resolve the emotional, social or other issues and provide them with the resources needed to overcome the obstacles that prevent them from succeeding at school.

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Support Center

Once a family home, the two-bedroom renovated house and spacious walled grounds serve as our office, classroom space, and activity center.

The Support Center is staffed from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm Monday to Friday, and open to the public from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm weekdays.

The Center also becomes a safe place for our students to drop-off for advice, to do homework, and to ask for any help needed. Our Mexican staff is also available to assist their parents and family members to address issues that affect the student’s performance at school.


Some Success Stories

For Juan Carlos Morales Morales, a student who has faced countless issues in his quest to complete university, a command of the English language appeared to be his undoing. His educational goal has been to become a graduate of the Food & Beverage Management program at ITES university with an ultimate goal of becoming a chef.

An adversarial relationship with his father created tension at home and with support and counselling from Liga MAC Juan Carlos was able to move out of the family home. But it also meant that he needed to work full time to support his educational dreams. In spite of all the hardships he was able to conquer, the one that alluded him was a mastery of English.

During the 9 semesters at ITES, students are required to pass 6 English courses. Juan Carlos passed his sixth and last English course recently and although he did not qualify for a June graduation, he will be able to celebrate his accomplishment in the Fall of 2022.

Meanwhile, nothing is holding him back. Juan Carlos is currently working as a Category “C” cook at the Garza Blanca Hotel and with school work behind him can concentrate on rising through the corporate chef ranks to levels “B” and then “A”.

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