Wings Seminar


Wings is the Sex Education Seminar Liga MAC offers its female scholars. The purpose of the seminar is to prevent school dropout and teen pregnancy. According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Mexico stands amongst its members for its high rate of teen pregnancy, with 66 births per 1,000 women between the ages of 15 and 19 (
Octubre, 2018.) In Los Cabos, the situation is significant as well.

The local Health Department registered 64 pregnant teens during the first quarter of 2018, in the San Jose del Cabo area only. In June, we carried out the 15th annual edition of our sex seminar, in which 25 young female students participated from amongst the 150 total female scholars that we have registered in our education program.

The seminar helped the girls to expand their vision about sexuality by using different pedagogic tools, including game playing and the Re-Encounter Therapy (*). Another important goal of the seminar is to raise awareness on gender inequality and violence. (*) Developed by Fina Sanz, PhD. in
The seminar was delivered in five morning sessions.

Heddy Villaseñor, psychologist and sex educator with more than 35 years of experience, was in charge of this subject matter.

The seminar also included a guided tour to Costco, which helped the young ladies to understand the importance of having an education as a means to climb the corporate ladder. Education is key to better one’s life, which implies being self sufficient and to be free to making choices. That is
why we strongly motivate our students to keep on studying and prepare for their future; so they can decide (or not) to have children at the right time.
The seminar closed with a fun outdoor activities program at the beach. Team work, problem solving and communication skills were important ingredients of the organized activities. The girls also had the chance to enjoy themselves as teenagers and forget for a few hours all the responsibilities that some of them have at their young age.

This session was led by physical educator and psychologist Celia Villalobos, who has over 35 years of teaching experience.

Our thankful appreciation goes to volunteers Heddy Villaseñor and Celia Villalobos, the authorities of the Municipal Women’s Office for loaning the use their facilites, the Human Resources Department of Costco, and the Staff of Palmilla public beach.


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