A Holistic Approach to Education

August-September 2021

Dear Friends of Liga MAC,

When a student is accepted into Liga MAC’s student support program, that support is viewed as all encompassing and may include counselling, medical assistance, or basic needs support for not just the student but also for his or her immediate family. External forces, whether they be hurricanes, pandemics, or an unemployed parent all exert emotional, physical, or psychological pressure which in turn affects a student’s performance.

Liga MAC has taken a holistic approach to our students’ welfare. As the pandemic continues to evolve, we will examine its affect on not only our students’ performances but their families’ circumstances. This month we will profile one parent’s journey to grow as a parent and as a person. We will also look at the affect of the pandemic in an unofficial poll of our students and give you a head’s up on two exciting new developments!

As mentioned earlier, the pandemic has taken an unknown toll on our students and their families. To get a better handle on how many have been affected and to what extent, Elva and her staff set up a Google Forms questionnaire and sent it out to all 233 students currently enrolled in Liga MAC’s student support program.

The following results from 196 respondents will inform our decisions going forward and may be surprising to some:

1.- Have there been COVID infections in your immediate family?

Results: 40% responded YES

2.- How many members of your family tested positive for COVID?

Results: 30% responded that 2 or more family members tested positive; 2% responded that the student tested positive; 7% responded that the entire family tested positive.

3. Were there serious hospitalizations? Results: 5% needed to go to hospital.

4. Were there any deaths? Results: 2 deaths.

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