June 2021
Dear Friends of Liga MAC,
Just two weeks after our last update, where we painted a rosy picture of the coming days in Los Cabos, the unthinkable happened: a sudden and violent spike in COVID cases. Even though vaccinations continue, the local hospitals are now filled to capacity. Dr. Deneb Poli will clarify the current situation in Los Cabos later in this update in her “Doctor’s Corner” segment. 
Meanwhile, Liga MAC’s Educational Support Program Coordinator, Karen Castro, was stricken with COVID and her husband, Omar, was hospitalized. Gracias a Dios they are both now recovering. 
Returning to a higher level of restrictions (level 5 from level 3) on June 23 has effectively shut down most activities and certainly any thoughts of in person celebrations for Liga MAC’s graduating students. In our profile this month though, we will celebrate 3 of our graduates.

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