An Update from San Jose del Cabo

Wow, Liga MAC’s COVID relief fund now stands at nearly $16,000 thanks to your generosity! Liga MAC will continue to dispense food vouchers and pay utility bills as they arise for our Liga MAC families. In the meantime, a good news story! Liga MAC has been able to join forces with the CABCS (Community Alliance of Baja California Sur) to better serve our families. Through advocacy, Elva and her team have been guiding families to apply for food hampers from both the municipal government and the CABCS. Connecting the dots has not always been easy due to high demand and slow response. However, on Saturday, May 30, Liga MAC was able to coordinate delivery of despensas from the CABCS via their network of volunteers to 105 Liga MAC families. The families are now in the CABCS system and received barcoded identification for future deliveries. Thanks go to CABCS for supplying and delivering the hampers and to Elva and her team for contacting each family to coordinate the deliveries.
Despite the fact that the entirety of Mexico remains in the red zone (complete lockdown of activities) according to the National Ministry of Health, activities considered essential have been exempted. Effective June 1, mining and construction activity was authorized to resume in BCS and are operating at 30% capacity as companies put the required physical distancing and PPE requirements in place. When the red classification turns to orange, some hotels and golf communities may open as early as June 15. As well, many unofficial businesses are in operation despite the threat of fines and imprisonment. Some 400 individuals have been fined or jailed in the past 3 weeks.
The state ministry of education has announced that schools will remain closed until the 2020 – 2021 school year begins. The graduates of 2020 will receive their transcripts online and will not be required to complete the usual 400 hours of internship. Next year’s classes will have a staggered start with primary and junior high school beginning on August 10, high school on September 20, and university on September 7. Classroom protocol will be reorganized such that each class will be divided into two groups with each group attending school two days per week leaving Friday reserved for tutoring as needed.
Elva, Consuelo, and Karen have begun the annual registration process for the Liga MAC Educational Support Program. They are contacting schools and students and gathering transcripts and applications, and canvassing students about their electronic device capabilities. Reliance on electronic devices (computers, laptops, tablets) will have increased importance in the post COVID classroom and Liga MAC wants to ensure that our students are not left behind.
The toll on students and families continues to mount. As rents become due, families are moving in with relatives, finding cheaper accommodation or leaving the area entirely to seek support of family. Some family breadwinners have received notice of termination from their employers; and, the informal economy that includes maids /cleaners and helps support many of our families, has collapsed. Although payment due dates to banks for cars, credit cards, and other small loans, have been relaxed, individuals must call the bank to make alternate arrangements for payment. The filing dates for some government taxes (payroll, property, car licensing) have also been extended. Overall though, the perception by the business sector as expressed on the media is that there has been little in the way of federal government assistance to businesses or workers.
The cause of all this chaos, the COVID19 virus, is still wreaking its havoc in all parts of Mexico. As evidenced by some countries now in recovery, there will be many more months before the economy of Los Cabos can make even a partial return. Liga MAC strives to keep our students and their families safe and nourished. During this difficult economic time, we are also focused on keeping our students on the path of education (as some are at risk of becoming the family provider). If you are able to add your support please click on the DONATE button below or visit our website at If you have a question or comment please contact us at
With sincerest gratitude,
Maria Lindenberg, President
Board of Directors, Liga MAC, A.C.

See some of the thankful faces that received help on May 30 (1 min)

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