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Dear Friends of Liga MAC,
In these unprecedented times we want to keep you, our friends, volunteers, and supporters informed of the COVID19 situation as it pertains to Liga MAC’s staff, students and their families. First let me reassure you that all precautions have been taken to ensure the safety of our staff. Our Centro de Apoyo located in Zacatal has been closed since March 20 and our staff have been working from home. Elva Haro, Liga MAC’s Executive Director, Consuelo and Karen have set up student chat groups to monitor any student concerns whether educational or personal.
All schools in Los Cabos closed on March 23 and are slated to remain closed until May 4 (although that date may be extended). During the first 2 weeks of school closure our students were sent home with assignments to be completed by April 3. The Easter Break or Semana Santa holidays which began April 6 will end April 17 but further school work has not been assigned.
Hotels, restaurants, construction projects, and many other non-essential businesses have been forced to close due to the COVID19 crisis. As a result, most of our families’ incomes have been impacted and we have seen requests for electronic food vouchers increasing on a weekly basis. With family resources dwindling, future expenses such as electric, propane, and water will present a problem.
Normally at this time of year, our staff would be preparing to accept applications for next year’s student support program. Our staff work with school administrators and social workers to select applicants for testing and then interview both the student and their parent(s) before making the final selection. At the moment this process is on hold.
So much uncertainty has created an environment of fear and anxiety amongst some students and indeed the general population and our staff has offered counselling and advocacy wherever needed. An increased police presence has maintained order in the community and there are no food shortages although extra measures are taken in the grocery stores to combat contamination. 
Elva and her team will continue to monitor our 328 students and their families and provide whatever support they might need and we will continue to provide you with updates as the closures continue. We thank you for your concern and if you have been considering a donation to Liga MAC in 2020 and are able to donate, please visit our website at 
Thank you for your continued support of Liga MAC
Maria Lindenberg, President
Board of Directors
Liga MAC, A.C.

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