Known as “despensa” in Spanish, Basic Needs is a food distribution program. Twice per month, food vouchers are offered in a short-cycle program designed to help low-income families in crisis. Two times a month from our Support Center at El Zacatal, we provide food for qualified families in the form of Food Vouchers from a local supermarket. Vouchers and clothing for families are also on hand for those in immediate need of assistance. Despensa program families are given aid for three months and are then reviewed; and most often rotate out of the program with new families replacing them. We usually offer aid to approximately 35 families a cycle. The equivalent of approx. $80.00 U.S. helps feed a family of four to six people for one month.

Just as ACE students must participate in LIGA MAC activities to ensure their future scholarship funding, the Despensa Program requires that those receiving assistance attend life skills lectures held on Despensa days every other Wednesday. Lectures are given by Psychologist Blanca Roblero, LIGA MAC’s Program Director, and other educators from the community. Participants are encouraged to ask questions and create opportunities to work toward self-sufficiency.

Through generous public donations of clothing, footwear, bedding and household goods, LIGA MAC’s monthly garage sales give low-income families and individuals the opportunity to purchase items at very affordable prices. These monthly garage sales are held from November to April. Children’s clothing, bedding, and household items. To donate, please visit the Support Center during our public hours: Monday to Friday from 9 am to 1 pm. Donations are also accepted at the Used Bookstore and Thrift Shop on Tuesday and Saturday mornings from 9 am to 1 pm in season (November to April). We welcome all donations in good condition, large or small!