Wings Seminar


Wings is the Sex Education Seminar Liga MAC offers its female scholars. The purpose of the seminar is to prevent school dropout and teen pregnancy. According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Mexico stands amongst its members for its high rate of teen pregnancy, with 66 births per 1,000 women between the ages of 15 and 19 (
Octubre, 2018.) In Los Cabos, the situation is significant as well.

The local Health Department registered 64 pregnant teens during the first quarter of 2018, in the San Jose del Cabo area only. In June, we carried out the 15th annual edition of our sex seminar, in which 25 young female students participated from amongst the 150 total female scholars that we have registered in our education program.

The seminar helped the girls to expand their vision about sexuality by using different pedagogic tools, including game playing and the Re-Encounter Therapy (*). Another important goal of the seminar is to raise awareness on gender inequality and violence. (*) Developed by Fina Sanz, PhD. in
The seminar was delivered in five morning sessions.

Heddy Villaseñor, psychologist and sex educator with more than 35 years of experience, was in charge of this subject matter.

The seminar also included a guided tour to Costco, which helped the young ladies to understand the importance of having an education as a means to climb the corporate ladder. Education is key to better one’s life, which implies being self sufficient and to be free to making choices. That is
why we strongly motivate our students to keep on studying and prepare for their future; so they can decide (or not) to have children at the right time.
The seminar closed with a fun outdoor activities program at the beach. Team work, problem solving and communication skills were important ingredients of the organized activities. The girls also had the chance to enjoy themselves as teenagers and forget for a few hours all the responsibilities that some of them have at their young age.

This session was led by physical educator and psychologist Celia Villalobos, who has over 35 years of teaching experience.

Our thankful appreciation goes to volunteers Heddy Villaseñor and Celia Villalobos, the authorities of the Municipal Women’s Office for loaning the use their facilites, the Human Resources Department of Costco, and the Staff of Palmilla public beach.


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Liga MAC’s Sex Education Program makes it to the 24th World Congress of the World Association for Sexual Health.

Tomas Llamas and Heddy Villaseñor, the licensed psychologists and sex educators that created “Eagles”, the sex seminar for Liga MAC male scholars, considered the work done together with Liga MAC worthy to be presented in an international congress. The proposal was accepted and given the space for a formal presentation.

Llamas, the leading facilitator of the seminar for the last four years has taught various generations of Liga MAC young men. He will be in charge of presenting the results of the program to the 24th World Congress of the World Association for Sexual Health (WAS) & XII Congreso Nacional de Educación Sexual y Sexología to be held in Mexico City, October 12–15, 2019.

The importance and novelty of Liga MAC’s Sex Seminar lies in the age of the participants, the emphasis on fighting macho thinking, and the combination of pedagogies. The seminar teaches the boys new and peaceful ways to relate with others, rejecting violence and agression as the standard ways to be a man including how to be loving caretakers and the importance to take good care of their health

At the end of the 5-session seminar, the boys also sketched a personal life project and have reconsidered their view of women, and their present and future relationship with them.

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Carlos finished high-school

After a long journey, Carlos M. got his high-school diploma in the Summer of 2018. Born in mainland Puebla state, Carlos moved along with his family to San Jose del Cabo in 2013. They found shelter with relatives in the irregular settlement of the dry arroyo. He was 14 at the time and dreamed about studying, but his parents were not 100% supportive. They did not only lack of the resources needed, but because of prejudiced ideas towards education.

Thanks to the support of Carlo’s extended family, Liga MAC was able to take him under our wing. We helped him to complete junior-high school in the open system. In Summer, 2015 he got back into track and enrolled in a regular high-school along with kids of his age. However, money was scarce and he also had to get a job to bring food home. Carlos is now ready to pursue his higher education to become an IT Engineer.

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Four bright Liga MAC students get scholarships for university

Tania, Juan Manuel, Diego and Jesus graduated from high-school as valedictorians. They are now enrolled in different local universities thanks to Liga MAC & the Green Scholarship Program of Cabo San Lucas.

During the school year 2017-2018, Liga MAC mentored its 12th graders in view of finding their true vocation and deciding where to study and how to get support. Special vocational tests and first-hand information about higher education were offered, along with a thorough follow up of each kid.

Liga MAC partners with other organizations to help our youths move forward. The Green Scholarship Program of Cabo San Lucas gives support to top students only. We are proud to have helped these kids to get into the right path to pursue their dreams.

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Luis and his team have won a competition with their entrepreneurial project

Luis Lopez is a Liga Mac grantee. He studies business management at the ITES* University, here is San Jose del Cabo. Along with some classmates, Luis has put together a series of accomplished wins with a project that started out in the classroom.

The starting point was a creative an innovative process based on the “Model of Entrepreneurial Talent by the National Institute of Technology of Mexico” that went from a prototype to an initial design, to a review and final approval. What followed was securing a patent, the release of the product for publication, and the development of a marketing plan.

The foregoing, became a reality with the use of new technology, in this case, using 3D printing which evolved to the naming the product as “Lapcil” The product consists of an empty cylinder shaped like a pencil, with a rubber top where the small remains of used pencils that can no longer be held properly can be introduced. The “Lapcil” allows students to use the shortened pencil, which also helps to reduce the amount of wood from trees used to make pencils. This product is also 100% biodegradable.

Luis and his classmates registered themselves in the Los Cabos Science Fair organized by the CIBNOR* under the category of “Teaching and Discovering of Science” for the purpose of publishing how environmental science, new technologies and the administrative process merged to create the product and a new corporation; with the ultimate goal of inspiring the younger generation to become familiar with new technologies to motivate them to develop their creative side.

This project earned Luis and his friends their ticket to the State Fair in La Paz, where  they won first prize! This in turn qualified them to present their invention at the National Fair to be held in the city of Monterrey, Mexico in November, 2019.

Luis has been able to apply his talents, learning and entrepreneurial spirit by initially recognizing and maximizing the support he received from Liga MAC to help him achieve his goals. We are very proud of him. Congratulations Luis!

(*) Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Los Cabos.

(*) Centro de Investigaciones Biológicas del Noroeste.

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Flamenco Night

On February 6th, 2019 Liga MAC’s friends and supporters gathered at the Don Sanchez Restaurant, in San Jose del Cabo for a delightful evening featuring a flamenco theme. The event was to benefit the 300+ young students that are in Liga MAC’s Scholarship Program. The Mala Rumba band led the entertaintment and also featured the great Flamenco dancer Gamaliel Burgos. A group of top Liga MAC students and 3 university
graduates were there as ambassadors on behalf of their fellow grantees.

A balloon lottery made up of valuable prizes added excitement and an element of surprise which was a fitting conclusion of a memorable evening for all of our guests. In addition, an exquisite menu prepared by Chef Tadd Champan rounded out the experience.

Our heartfelt appreciation to all our donors, sponsors and volunteers that made this beautiful event a huge success!!

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Annual review 2019


It’s Spring, and we have begun to review the annual process to certify continuing as well as incoming students. We are happy to announce that 75 of our scholars will be receiving their high-school diploma this Summer, also very proud to acknowledge that 4 university of our students graduated in April. In view of the 2019-2020 school year, dozens of candidates are submitting their applications for the Liga MAC Scholarship. While the high season ended for our ex-pat volunteers, our Staff at the Support Center is busy closing the current school year, and planning the next one.

In this edition, we want to share with you some of the highlights of the Winter Season, which includes recognition of the Liga MAC Sex Education Seminar which was selected by an international congress where our dedicated professional group leaders will present our program. We are certainly very proud of them!

We hope you enjoy reading these news highlights which have been made possible thanks to the efforts of everyone that supports Liga MAC.

Thank you from all of us at Liga MAC!
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27 volunteers from Canada and the US are joined by 16 private school Mexican students who help in facilitating the courses.

90 students from this year’s 305 Liga MAC scholarship grantees are about to finish the 2019 edition of Liga MAC’s ESL program. The courses began in January. The program is delivered by 27 volunteers from Canada and the US and assisted by 16 Mexican volunteer students who serve as facilitators.

In addition to receiving uniforms, school supplies tuition fees, and the needed social services, Liga MAC’s grantees are provided with a supportive set of seminars, workshops and social programs that complement their scholastic activity to make them better prepared to meet life’s challenges.

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Clive Jackman and Liga MAC

 – Art & Wine event for the benefit of Liga MAC’s students –

An evening of Art & Wine for the benefit of Liga MAC’S students, 4 photographers, 4 photos to be raffled and wine for donation. 

Clive Jackman one of the artists to be featured. 

Clive Jackman is a local landscape and portrait photographer who is a graduate of California State University, Long Beach. Emphasis was on experimental photography, in-camera techniques, and printing. He worked as an intern at photo labs while in school, being promoted to manager, eventually buying Aperture Photo Lab and studio in Dana Point California. There he oversaw daily operations, photographed and reproduced artwork, and did portrait and wedding photo shoots. Most of his shooting inspiration has always derived from nature and the amazing light of Southern California and Baja Sur. Currently he is a vendor at several local art shows,weekly and annual, selling his canvas prints and matted and framed images, and offering a custom picture framing service.

March 13, 2019
Venue: “The Shoppes at Palmilla”
Time: 6:00-9:00 pm
Free admission. 

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Bruce Herman and Liga MAC

An evening of Art & Wine for the benefit of Liga MAC’S students, 4 photographers, 4 photos to be raffled and wine for donation. 

Bruce Herman one of the artists to be featured. 

Internationally known photographer Bruce Herman has lived , worked and traveled extensively in Mexico for nearly 30 yrs. His Sports , fashion and travel photos have been published throughout the world. One of Mexicos premier destination photographers he has twice won the prestigious ” Lente De Plata “or ” Silver lens award ” which were presented to him By Mexican Presidents Ernesto Zidillo and Vicente Fox in recognition of his contributions to the Mexican tourism industry . In recent years the focus has changed to fine art Photography. Bruce describes his work as capturing the ” Found Art ” in what he describes as, Traditional and cultural Mexico, the shapes and forms , colores and textures, and the wonderful, beautifully typical people, of this unbelievably photogenic country. 

March 13, 2019
Venue: “The Shoppes at Palmilla”
Time: 6:00-9:00 pm
Free admission. 

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