Successful completion of the Health through Education Program

In September 2017 Liga MAC launched a new pilot program to promote a healthy lifestyle amongst its scholars and families. Our goal was to educate the Liga MAC students in basic areas of personal health care, such as healthy eating, regular exercise, self-care and dental hygiene to prevent obesity and its associated diseases, as well as preventing the high costs attributed lack of dental care and its consequences.

The pilot program finished successfully on Saturday, June 16, 2018. All the sessions were carried out with as planned, with the participation of all the professionals involved since the beginning: 2 licensed nutritionists, 5 interns, 2 medical doctors, 2 dentists and 1 physical educator.

32 our of 46 participants (70%) finished the program and 100% reported having made at least one significant improvement in their lifestyle habits. In addition, 87% shared what they learned with the members of their family.

Brushing teeth 3 times a day changed from 10% to 53% of the participants. Likewise, only 31% had visited a dentist before for a cleanup; which increased to 67%. Most participants used their medical coverage at Seguro Popular for basic dental care, which no costs to their families.

The physical activity reported changed from being null amongst 45% of the participants to having incorporated some exercise in their lives increasing that number to 81% of them.

We are now planning the second (and improved) edition of this program, to begin this Fall.

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Vetting Exam for New Applicants

In order to improve our selection process for new scholarship applicants, Liga MAC offered to the candidates to be examined by an independent academic institution. For this purpose, we partnered with Colegio del Valle, a local registered private school, to be the unbiased party to examine the kids. The test was based exclusively on the contents established by the public education system.

In addition, for the new school year, the applicants had to present a recommendation letter from their school teacher.

The main purpose of Liga MAC is still to support students in need; good students whose parents cannot afford all the expenses associated to advancing them to middle school and higher. Therefore, belonging to a low-income family, along with consistent grades at or above 8.5 remains as the first requirements to take a student applicant under our wing.

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Dear friends, supporters anddonors of Liga MAC.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, the staff and sponsors of this years “A Night in Old Mexico” annual fund drive event, I would like to apologize to each one of you for the unprofessional and insulting performance delivered by this years pledge drive emcee. While I take full and complete responsibility; he was coached and given all the materials necessary for him to generate and create an ideal environment for you, our donors and supporters, to feel comfortable and generous as you made your pledges. It is still unclear as to what caused him to go off message.

Every event has its mishaps, but I can assure you that this type of mishap will not happen again!

We thank each and every one of you for your kind and generous contributions at your fund raising event and beyond; and are very grateful that your displeasure did not distract the focus on the children who certainly did not deserve any type of castigation. Your pledges, event fee, and donations tallied as a result of the event totaled $174,000USD! We thank you for your generosity and pledges in support of Liga MAC’s growing education programs.

Respectfully,Joseph GarciaPresident, Board of DirectorsLiga MAC, A.C.


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Estimados amigos, patrocinadores y donadores de Liga MAC:

A nombre del Consejo Directivo, el personal y los patrocinadores de nuestro evento anual de recaudación “Una Noche Tradicional Mexicana”, quiero disculparme con todos y cada uno de Ustedes por la actuación poco profesional y de mal gusto desempeñada por el maestro de ceremonias de este año. Si bien asumo total responsabilidad, él recibió nuestra asesoría, materiales e información necesaria para generar el ambiente ideal para que Ustedes, nuestros donadores y patrocinadores se sintiesen cómodos y motivados durante el momento destinado a brindarnos sus donativos. No está claro el motivo por el cual él eligió usar tal estrategia.

El evento tuvo sus contratiempos; sin embargo, ¡puedo asegurarles que este tipo de situación no se repetirá!

Agradecemos a todos y cada uno de Ustedes por sus generosos donativos derivados de este evento. Apreciamos que su incomodidad no les distrajo del principal motivo de nuestro quehacer, que son los jóvenes estudiantes, quienes ciertamente no merecen ningún tipo de castigo por la actuación de terceros. Sus compromisos de donativo, compra de entradas y donativos directos computados como resultado del evento ¡suman $174,000 Dólares!

Gracias por su generosidad en apoyo a los programas de Liga MAC en favor de la educación.

José García Presidente, Consejo Directivo Liga MAC, A.C.

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Liga MAC Now Celebrates in February! Annual Fundraiser Event.

Tuesday February 6th 2018 Raising funds for the Liga MAC Scholarship Program.

Join us for an enchanting evening at A Night in Old Mexico! Experience authentic Mexican music, food, dress, culture and festivities, while sitting under the stars at the beautiful and iconic Casa del Mar Hotel.The evening starts with a cocktail reception from 6-7pm enliven by a fabulous mariachi band, followed by a delicious Mexican dinner. Harpist Regino Payan will make dinner time a joyful experience.The night is also full of live entertainment, including Baja California Sur’s official folkloric ballet troupe straight from La Paz.  Most importantly, you’ll learn about the substantial outreach achieved by Liga MAC in 2017 and be inspired by the stories of several incredible children and young adults.

Tickets: $150 USD per person or VIP at $350 USD per person
Just by attending, you are making a difference in the lives of hundreds of children and families in the San Jose del Cabo community.

To purchase your tickets:
Call Patty Simons at 624-244-5784Visit Pez Gordo Gallery in The Shoppes at Palmilla (Monday to Saturday, 9am to 8pm)
Visit Habaneros Restaurant in downtown San Jose
Stop by the Liga MAC Booth on Fridays at the Palmilla Organic Market (9 am – 1 pm) or Saturdays at the San Jose Organic Market (9 am to 12 pm)

Questions?  Call Elva Haro, Liga MAC Executive Director at 624-122-0510
Dress code is: Casual resort (Mexican attire is agreeable)


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La Gala Anual de Recaudación de Fondos
de Liga MAC este año es el:
6 – Febrero -2018
A beneficio de nuestros jóvenes becarios

Ven a disfrutar una encantadora velada al estilo tradicional Mexicano bajo las estrellas en el emblemático Hotel Casa del Mar.

La celebración comenzará con un cóctel de 6-7 pm en el patio central del hotel amenizado por un fantástico mariachi, seguido de una rica cena en el Club de Playa. Cóctel privado para VIP’s en el bar Maguey.

El talentoso arpista Regino Payán amenizará la cena. Show en vivo con el ballet folklórico del estado de Baja California Sur.

Entérate de los logros de Liga MAC durante 2017 y conoce a jóvenes admirables que están transformando sus vidas. Convive con la comunidad multicultural de voluntarios de Liga MAC.

Donativo de admisión
$150 Dólares por persona
$350 Dólares por persona (VIP)

Tan solo con tu presencia estarás ayudando a que prospere la vida y el futuro de cientos de jóvenes de San José del Cabo.

Informes y venta de boletos:

Galería de Arte Pez Gordo en Las Tiendas de Palmilla
Tel: 144-5292 de Lunes a Viernes, 9am – 8pm.

Restaurante Habaneros

¿Dudas? Llama a Elva Haro
Directora Ejecutiva de Liga MAC

Etiqueta casual ¡Los atuendos Mexicanos son bienvenidos!

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