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Why we do it?
Per law, in Mexico K-12 education must be secular, free of charge and mandatory for all children. However, after 6th grade things get difficult for many parents who struggle to make their living at minimum wages, because they must cover inevitable expenses such as mandatory uniforms, shoes and other associated costs not provided by the education system, like bus transportation, tuition fees and food at school.

How we do it?
We partner with social workers and school officers who refer qualified students for our program. Once accepted, students and their parents must sign an agreement with Liga MAC to provide report cards, to participate in Liga MAC’s Community Service projects, and to attend lectures and classes provided by Liga MAC.

Each year, student files are reviewed and updated by Liga MAC and school authorities. Students register at the Support Center during June and July, where files are maintained, by school, for each student. At registration, students are provided with vouchers from local stores for school and sports uniforms, shoes and school supplies. Students’ tuition are paid as well directly to the schools.

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