Carlos finished high-school

After a long journey, Carlos M. got his high-school diploma in the Summer of 2018. Born in mainland Puebla state, Carlos moved along with his family to San Jose del Cabo in 2013. They found shelter with relatives in the irregular settlement of the dry arroyo. He was 14 at the time and dreamed about studying, but his parents were not 100% supportive. They did not only lack of the resources needed, but because of prejudiced ideas towards education.

Thanks to the support of Carlo’s extended family, Liga MAC was able to take him under our wing. We helped him to complete junior-high school in the open system. In Summer, 2015 he got back into track and enrolled in a regular high-school along with kids of his age. However, money was scarce and he also had to get a job to bring food home. Carlos is now ready to pursue his higher education to become an IT Engineer.

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