Doctor’s Corner

by Dr. Deneb Poli
COVID cases are still on the decline in Los Cabos, as are hospitalized patients which means that transmission is decreasing.

Frequent hand washing, mask use and general sanitary measures are still encouraged, as well as distancing.

Vaccination has continued and the government is now closing its first round of vaccination for over 50 year olds and pregnant women over 18 years of age. Second doses will likely be available in 3-4 weeks time and appointments for these vaccinations are made online.

Los Cabos also experienced a 4.3° earthquake (on the Richter scale) on May 9th at 01:48 hours. I strongly encourage everyone to be prepared not only for this type of an event but also for hurricanes as we move into the season. Please make sure you have taken a look through your first aid kit, cleaning out and replacing any expired supplies and preparing yourself with canned foods, water and enough prescription medication in case of a meteorological event.

Remember to respect signage and warning flags at local beaches as waves grow and tides become stronger over the summer season in Los Cabos. Temperatures are beginning to increase so carrying a water bottle, electrolytes, a hat and sunscreen are more important at this time of year.

Enjoy the warm weather, pool season and beaches responsibly, maintain
safe distancing and have fun!

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