Doctor’s Corner

by Dr. Deneb Poli

The current COVID-19 situation in BCS has taken a turn for the better, we are currently over the third wave and have reached a new plateau. Los Cabos is now at “Level 2” and cases have decreased dramatically as well as hospitalization.

We are still vigilant and continue to encourage social distancing, hand washing and mandatory use of masks in public spaces is still in place.

The federal government’s efforts to accelerate the vaccination rate in BCS has paid off. We are now finishing second doses for those over 18 years of age. This has helped to decrease severe illness and in turn hospitalizations. Despite the fact that vaccination for those over 12 years of age has been approved there is no date in place for when this will start.

Schools were to start August 30th but by order of the governor this has been set back to September 13th due to the fact that many public schools have yet to be in conditions to operate. Many are missing electrical wiring, as this was stolen during the shut down, there are broken windows, piping is missing and they desperately need to be cleaned and sanitary measures put in place in order to receive children back into schools. Face masks will be mandatory and children can stay home and continue virtually if they would like to.

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