Doctor’s Corner by Dr. Deneb Poli

he number of active cases in Los Cabos has maintained a steady level over the last couple of weeks, cases are no longer actively increasing which is a sign that we have reached a plateau and infection rates hopefully will begin to decrease.

Currently on the national “semaforo” we are at level 3 yellow on the semaforo system (50% occupancy allowed for recreational activities) with 3 square meters per person distancing required in BCS.

The first round of vaccination with the Pfizer vaccine started March 9th for those over 60 years of age. Sign up for the vaccine continues online here. Once registered, you will receive a call back to book a vaccination appointment or you can also just show up early at the vaccination location with a piece of ID and a proof of local address.

School classes continue online but the Secretary of Education has announced the option of opening Centros Educativos Comunitarios (Community Education Centers). These will be offered by each school for in person tutoring with 45 minute time slots for children in small groups. More details to follow.

PCR and Rapid antigen tests continue to be available at the airport daily and are still offered at hospitals, clinics and private laboratories.

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