Hard Work and Determination; bywords for Liga MAC Students 

September 2022

Dear Friends of Liga MAC

Now that the new school year has commenced, Liga MAC and our students are gearing up for a busy season. Several programs have already begun and others are in the planning stages. One of the purposes of Liga MAC’s extra-curricular programs, is to prepare our students for the hard work needed to succeed in high school. 

Our profile this month is of a student who while chaperoning her younger sister to Liga MAC’s math and Spanish tutoring program, realized that Liga MAC’s programs might help her to attain her goals. 

In other news, we have an exciting link to share this month pertaining to our 2022 graduation class and we are pleased to share progress made for our new Liga MAC Learning Centre! 

Dr. Deneb will enlighten us as to the health of the region and what precautions to take to keep ourselves safe.


Student Profile: 

Paola Hernandez


Paola Hernandez is the oldest of 4 siblings. Her position as eldest is an important fact that has manifested itself already in her short life. About 4 years ago, Paola’s sister was admitted to Liga MAC’s student support program and more recently our Spanish and Math Tutoring program. 

The volunteer facilitated tutoring program was held at our Centro de Apoyo; and Paola who accompanied her younger sister to the Centro, waited for her on the Centro’s patio beside an open window where she could clearly hear the progress made from the tutoring classes. 

Waiting and listening, she was inspired to do something for herself and asked the instructor if she could join the class although she was not in the student support program. The facilitator decided she could attend.

When Paola was 12, her mother left Paola’s abusive alcoholic father. Even at the tender age of 12, Paola supported her mother’s decision and saw as her duty the care of her siblings. While Paola’s mother cleaned construction sites, Paola was the surrogate mother to her 2 brothers and one sister. Her parents’ divorce adversely affected her sister, but in Paola’s case made her more focused. 

She was admitted to Liga MAC’s student support program in Grade 10 and found that the tutoring classes plus diligent hard work helped keep her grades up even with the added responsibilities at home.

The industrious young woman also found employment to help out the family. Receiving assistance from Liga MAC with uniforms and tuition eased the financial burden and Paola found that “every (Liga MAC) seminar taught (her) something”.

Although life has had its challenges, Paola works hard and recently graduated from high school. Her goal to obtain a degree in accounting from the university at ITES is being supported through Liga MAC because of her tenacity, focus and drive to improve. 

The responsibility Paola took on to help her family has made her mature beyond her years but it has also pushed her to succeed. As noted by Liga MAC’s Executive Director, Elva Haro, “ella tiene los pies en la tierra (She has her feet on the ground)!”


Liga MAC Programs


Two of Liga MAC’s student programs have had an even earlier start this school year due to scheduling issues. Starting August 13 Liga MAC’s Alas and Aguilas programs will continue for 6 Saturday mornings until the end of September. For the first time the sex education and self awareness programs will be co-ed. This fall cohort includes 22 Grade 10 students while another 27 students are scheduled for the spring 2023 cohort.

The “Agents of Change”/Leadership and Community Involvement program held jointly with the Boys and Girls club started on August 18 and will continue on Thursday afternoons throughout the school year. Thirty-two Liga MAC Grade 8 students are involved in the program.


Liga MAC

Student Yearbook 2022


With a desire to not only acknowledge but to celebrate the achievements of the 2022 graduating class, Liga MAC staff have prepared an online yearbook in English and Spanish. The 2022 grad class was able to overcome two years of pandemic learning to achieve their goals. To view this exceptional group of young people and read about their aspirations, please click on the link.

Link to Yearbook 

Volunteer Activities


Our wonderful Liga MAC volunteers are gearing up for another season of community outreach, student mentoring, ESL classes and fundraising. Our Donation Centre will reopen its doors and our presence at local markets will begin in November.

ESL teams will begin to plan in the fall for the 2023 ESL classes … is in person classrooms a possibility after 2 years of virtual learning? Our ESL volunteers will put safety first and determine our classroom approach as we prepare for class. 

Don’t forget to register for the Knick Nac Golf Tournament at Querencia Private Golf Course. Tickets go quickly for this opportunity to play the spectacular Tom Fazio designed course and enjoy an amazing dinner while supporting a great cause. The event will be held November 17. For more information, contact Linda Myers at

We started our 25th Anniversary celebrations with an elegant Gala at Querencia and will sunset this milestone year with a bang — join us for a Tacos, Tostadas & Tequila Party on November 29. Stay tuned for details


Liga MAC Learning Centre


We are ready to move forward! The Building Committee and Board of Directors have approved the final drawings and project cost estimates. An architect/builder has been selected and plans have been submitted to the municipality for permit approval. As we begin construction, we will approach local companies to participate through in-kind service donations wherever possible (if you have any recommendations, please contact Elva at


 Doctor’s Corner

by Dr. Deneb Poli

September is now here and the heat is more intense than ever. We are facing a hurricane at the moment and all eyes are on the weather as we wait to see what will happen in the following hours and how it will impact BCS. Do not forget to be prepared with additional drinking water, canned foods, batteries, candles, lamps and ice as well as having a basic first aid kit and any medication that you may need. Filling your car’s gas tank, withdrawing and having some cash on hand, as well as filling up your propane tank at home and making sure you have your tinaco or water cistern full is also a good idea. 

The heat has brought with it an onslaught of diarrheal disease thanks to poor management of foods, lack of appropriate refrigeration and the ever-present cloud of dust that comes with a long, dry, hot summer. Please avoid consumption of raw seafood and shellfish as during the rainy season we see overflow of sewage systems and flooding of the oceans and local waters. This affects the local sea life and the food that we eat from local oceans can be contaminated with Hepatitis A, Cholera, Salmonella and other pathogens. 

COVID 19 cases have decreased drastically over the last month with all cases reported lately being mild. There are currently no hospitalized patients due to COVID 19. Mask use is still mandatory indoors and in enclosed spaces or spaces where safe distancing can not be maintained. Children are heading back to school this week with facemasks. A second dose of vaccination was offered for children over the last month and vaccines for older age groups are still available at health clinics.

Luckily despite the initial report of monkeypox in Los Cabos, there was no further transmission of the virus and no new cases have been reported.


Parting Comments


With a new school year beginning, Liga MAC programs in place, our volunteers restarting their pre-pandemic activities, and plans for our new Learning Centre moving ahead — it is an exciting time for Liga MAC. We are organized, tenacious and laser focused to help our students attain their goals. 

We are supremely thankful for our committed donors, volunteers and staff who are at the essence of what Liga MAC does and stands for. AND we are immensely proud of all our students who make it all worthwhile! 

With admiration and appreciation,

Maria Lindenberg, President

Liga MAC Board of Directors

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