In February of 2022, David Walker, a Canadian living the winters in San Jose del Cabo, wanted to celebrate his 72nd birthday with a challenge. Along with co-founders Julio Mejia and Dr. Mauricio Mercado they successfully cycled the 500 km from Loreto to San Jose.

David and Mauricio met each other at the local group of runners “Esos Locos”. David had previous contact with Liga MAC through friends and Executive Director Elva Haro. Dr. Mauricio Mercado is a former Board Member of Liga MAC, the master mind behind the Liga MAC Health Through Education Program, and current medical advisor. The Health Through Education program was designed to educate the Liga MAC students and their families in basic areas of personal health care, such as healthy eating, regular exercise, preventive self-care, and dental hygiene, to prevent obesity and its associated diseases.

Two things emerged from David, Mauricio, and Julio’s first journey from Loreto to San Jose del Cabo riding their bikes. The beauty and camaraderie of the event, along with the realization that this could become a significant destination ride for North American cyclists. The impetus was further enhanced for this Second Annual ride when it was partnered with a respected charity, Liga MAC, to help make a difference in students’ lives.

The ride will take place from February 1 to 6, 2023 and the entire route will be open for 6 other cyclists to join. Additional cyclists will be encouraged to join the final stretch from Todos Santos to San Jose del Cabo. Those joining the entire ride will be responsible for their own food and hotel accommodation.