Liga MAC Programs

Our Liga MAC volunteers have been busy organizing and facilitating Zoom “English As a Second Language” classes. Their smaller cohort than in pre-pandemic years of 39 students has been divided into 5 groups that meet remotely for 90 minutes every Saturday morning. The focus is conversational and confidence building.

ESL Pilot Liga MAC.jpeg
Another program that Liga MAC has ramped up as a direct result of the COVID pandemic, is the Spanish & Math Tutoring program. Two years with no direct teacher contact has resulted in most students falling behind in both subjects.

Liga MAC took a proactive approach by privately hiring teaching professionals to work with 108 high school students. The students meet with their tutors in small groups of 6 to 8 students once a week for 2 hours (1 hour of Spanish and 1 hour of Mathematics).

Tutorias Espa_ol y Matematicas Prepa Marzo 2022.jpeg
Teachers are reporting that students are better able to understand math concepts when they can discuss them in person. Students are also improving their Spanish verbal and writing skills as a result of in-person Spanish classes. And not surprisingly, students are showing an improvement in their emotional well being after 7 weeks of in-person classes.

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