Luis and his team have won a competition with their entrepreneurial project

Luis Lopez is a Liga Mac grantee. He studies business management at the ITES* University, here is San Jose del Cabo. Along with some classmates, Luis has put together a series of accomplished wins with a project that started out in the classroom.

The starting point was a creative an innovative process based on the “Model of Entrepreneurial Talent by the National Institute of Technology of Mexico” that went from a prototype to an initial design, to a review and final approval. What followed was securing a patent, the release of the product for publication, and the development of a marketing plan.

The foregoing, became a reality with the use of new technology, in this case, using 3D printing which evolved to the naming the product as “Lapcil” The product consists of an empty cylinder shaped like a pencil, with a rubber top where the small remains of used pencils that can no longer be held properly can be introduced. The “Lapcil” allows students to use the shortened pencil, which also helps to reduce the amount of wood from trees used to make pencils. This product is also 100% biodegradable.

Luis and his classmates registered themselves in the Los Cabos Science Fair organized by the CIBNOR* under the category of “Teaching and Discovering of Science” for the purpose of publishing how environmental science, new technologies and the administrative process merged to create the product and a new corporation; with the ultimate goal of inspiring the younger generation to become familiar with new technologies to motivate them to develop their creative side.

This project earned Luis and his friends their ticket to the State Fair in La Paz, where  they won first prize! This in turn qualified them to present their invention at the National Fair to be held in the city of Monterrey, Mexico in November, 2019.

Luis has been able to apply his talents, learning and entrepreneurial spirit by initially recognizing and maximizing the support he received from Liga MAC to help him achieve his goals. We are very proud of him. Congratulations Luis!

(*) Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Los Cabos.

(*) Centro de Investigaciones Biológicas del Noroeste.

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