Parent Profile

A divorced mother of 2, Suri has struggled her entire life to overcome the extreme poverty into which she was born. When she was 5 years old, her family hoping for a better life, relocated to Los Cabos from Hidalgo.

At 17 she was pregnant. Suri returned to her family dejected and depressed. She found work cleaning houses but it was still not enough to support her family. When her son was about to start junior high school, Suri feared she would not be able to afford the added expense of uniforms and tuition and thus prohibit him from moving forward with his education.

A friend mentioned Liga MAC. Suri applied, was interviewed, and her son was accepted into the student support program. Soon his schooling was back on track. Suri herself returned to school through the INEA adult education program and completed her high school education allowing her to find better employment.

Her relationship with Liga MAC blossomed into what Suri describes as “a major act of love”. When her employment was terminated due to the pandemic, Liga MAC provided food vouchers and a laptop and internet access for her son.

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