Program Report

Fundraising aside, the work of Liga MAC goes on. Here is a short rundown of the programs currently in session or just concluded:

English as a Second Language – The 10 week program which concluded at the end of March, saw 39 students meet remotely for 90 minutes every Saturday morning. The ESL program which is facilitated by Liga MAC ex-pat volunteers, has been a popular student support program since its inception in 2006. The pandemic strengthened the bond between students and facilitators as each was invited into the other’s home via Zoom. Both students and facilitators find the interactions enriching.

Spanish and Math Tutoring – Another program reinforced by the pandemic, Spanish and Math Tutoring was ramped up in 2021 when Liga MAC’s staff realized that Student Support Program students were falling behind as a result of remote learning. The 108 Grade 10, 11, and 12 students enrolled in the tutoring program meet in small groups once a week for 2 hours of instruction. The program has been so well received that following Easter break, a 4 week “express” course is planned for Grade 9 students to prepare them for entering high school. 

Self-Esteem and Social Skills – This 12 week program conducted by Liga MAC staff is directed at Grade 7 students and is designed to help them negotiate the sometimes difficult transition into junior and high school. Students are introduced to proper “rules of conduct”, learn to handle their emotions, and how to help increase their confidence. Current students report that the class gives them a safe place to express their opinions and share fears without criticism or judgement.

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