Student Profiles: Our Graduates

Lesly Melissa Montejo
Lesly Melissa Montejo is from a single parent family. When her father left, Melissa’s mother became very depressed and knew that her housecleaning income would not support the family. Encouraged by Liga MAC’s Executive Director, Elva Haro, to better her elementary school education and helped by Liga MAC’s food voucher program, Melissa’s mother went back to school. 
Meanwhile Melissa (who had entered the Liga MAC student support program thanks to a former Liga MAC graduate, her cousin Enrique) is pursuing her childhood dream of becoming an architect. Three weeks ago Melissa’s mother received her middle school diploma and just recently, Melissa has been notified that she will receive a full university scholarship to study architecture at ITES. One of the annual benefits of being a Liga MAC student that thrilled Melissa, was receiving her new school uniform. As one of 3 children in a low income family, receiving something “new” is a special gift.
All 3 of our profiled students this month were asked individually and separately to share their favourite aspect of Liga MAC’s student support program. In all three cases the answer was the same: the feeling of being part of a family. Sergio expanded on his response to say that he felt like there was always someone walking with him. Melissa added that she always felt encouraged to do her best. 
All 3 students have decided to put their careers ahead of plans for a family and mentioned Liga MAC’s personal awareness programs, Alas and Águilas (see last month’s profile), had empowered them to think beyond the cultural norms.

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