Student Profiles: Our Graduates

Sergio Amador
Sergio Amador has been in Liga MAC’s student support program for 3 years and ranks English As a Second Language as his favourite Liga MAC program. The ESL program conducted by volunteers via Zoom this school year, connected native speaking volunteers, some of whom were participating from their homes in Canada and the US, with Grade 12 students anxious to improve their English language skills. Sergio felt a strong connection with the ESL volunteers and respected and admired their dedication. 
He also appreciated the guidance provided by Liga MAC’s staff who helped him apply for a university scholarship of which he previously had no knowledge. As a result, Sergio, through his hard work and some Liga MAC encouragement, has won a full scholarship for the Business Management Program at the local technical college, ITES. 
To increase his business acumen and make a little cash during the pandemic, Sergio started an online sales and marketing company selling customized baseball caps. His dream is to own multiple companies that aspire to hire inclusively. In his short career, Sergio has noticed that minorities and those with disabilities struggle to find employment. His focus and strong values will help him strive to make the changes he feels are necessary.
Luis Herrera
Luis Herrera has been with Liga MAC for 6 years. He entered the program after applying to an ad on the school bulletin board. The oldest of 3 children, Luis would not have been able to continue in school due to family finances. His parents, employed as a cook and house cleaner, were further financially hampered when Luis’s father became diabetic and developed other subsequent health issues. 
From an early age Luis exhibited an affinity for fixing things. His love for all things mechanical and his outstanding GPA of 9.9 has led him to a full scholarship at ITES in Electro-Mechanical Engineering. 
Luis’s favourite Liga MAC activity was the Liga MAC choir which he attended for two years (up until the pandemic). Liga MAC volunteer, choir leader, and professional entertainer, Mario Lozano, encouraged Luis and gifted him one of his guitars. At home, Luis practiced and watched online instructional videos and is now a proficient guitarist. Music has become his release and sanctuary in difficult times. 
Luis and his father have set up a food venue near Liga MAC’s Centro de Apoyo which they operate from 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm. Luis’s goal is to run his own mechanical repair company – a much needed service in Los Cabos!

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