Tony recovered his sight – Medical Assistance Program

A few weeks ago, Tony came to the Support Center and told us that he could not see well with one eye, which was a new thing. In addition, nothing wrong had happened that he could identify as the cause. We sent him immediately to see an eye doctor, who diagnosed retinal detachment saying that surgery was imperative.

The surgery is not covered under Seguro Popular. The service is not available at the State Hospital either, which left Tony with the only choice he had, surgery performed by a private eye surgeon. Thanks to the advocacy work of Liga MAC, Doctor Fausto Miguel Lechuga performed a successful surgery on Tony’s eye on November 23rd, 2019. He is now in recovery with high expectations of full recuperation.

This was made possible thanks to the generous contribution of Dr. Lechuga, and also thanks to the Health Department of the City of Los Cabos, since they paid a portion of the surgery cost; Los Cabos Children’s Foundation offered their advice; and most especially, Tony’s relatives, who not only worked hard to pay half of the cost, but they took part of the steps needed to complete the process.

This accomplishment is the result of a team effort, including our donors, who make our work possible. Tony has been fighting to restore his health focusing on starting a productive and self-sufficient life. This was a successful step in the right path.

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