You brought food to their tables

Dear Friends of Liga MAC,
Thank you, thank you, thank you! Liga MAC asked for help and you responded! To date we have received $7,000 USD that you specified should be spent on food vouchers and utility payments for our students’ families during the COVID crisis.
Thus far we have issued 63 food vouchers at 750 pesos each for a total of $2,015 USD. We have also helped 2 families with electric bills and 4 students with cell phone payments for a total of $50 USD. 
Maintaining cell phone accounts is critical to high school and university students as contact with teachers, and homework and assignments are managed digitally through a What’s App account. Electric bills are issued bi-monthly and we expect to be helping more families as the bills come due. Each 750 peso food voucher feeds a family of 4 for 10 days.
Meanwhile, the federal and state decreed lockdown continues in Los Cabos. The federal Secretary of Health has designed a symbolic “stoplight” (semaforo) to indicate when states can resume activities. 
At the moment BCS is in the red zone which indicates only essential services will be in operation. As soon as the number of cases per 100,000 population is reduced to a level acceptable to the health ministry, the state will move into the orange level. 
At that point mining activity, construction, automotive sectors can resume work with restrictions. During the yellow zone, limited public activities will be allowed and full economic activities. 
And finally the green level will indicate resumption of school, social and leisure activities as well as full economic activity. The next two weeks for Los Cabos will be critical and business leaders as well as civic leaders are calling for strict adherence to the COVID protocols.
The state Ministry of Education has announced that schools will remain closed at least until late August. Online learning will continue until July 17 with year end transcripts being digitally produced. There will be no graduation ceremonies and high school admission tests will be postponed or determined by allotment.
Our students, supported by Elva and her staff, are persevering in the face of adversity. Please take a few minutes to view the video our students and staff have prepared for you. If you would like to add to the relief fund which will provide food vouchers and pay for utilities for our students and their families, please click on the DONATE button below or visit our website at If you would like to leave a comment or have a question please contact us at
And finally, we are delighted to announce that our Board member and revered member of the local medical community, Dr. Mauricio Mercado, has recovered from his bout with COVID19 and will be returning to normal activities soon. Welcome back Dr. Mercado!
With appreciation,
Maria Lindenberg, President
Board of Directors, Liga MAC, A.C.

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