Dr. Mauricio Mercado

Dr. Mauricio Mercado is an experienced internal medicine specialist and a geriatrician with a strong inclination to social medicine. In addition to his private practice, he works for the national health system at the Mexican Institute for Social Security (IMSS by its initials in Spanish). Dr. Mercado has volunteered with Liga MAC for over 10 years, not only as a physician, but as a board member as well. He was the mind who created our Health through Education Program, which was designed to educate the Liga MAC students and their families in basic areas of personal health care, such as healthy eating, regular exercise, and dental hygiene, to prevent obesity and its associated diseases. We are proud to have Dr. Mercado as our permanent honorary advisor member.

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Tadd Chapman

Born in Canada, I grew up with a passion for food and began cooking and studying culinary arts at the age of 15. I migrated to San Jose los Cabos in 1998 later to naturalize as a Mexican Citizen on October 26th, 2006 and currently hold dual citizenship. Over the years have established myself as an accomplished, versatile and results-driven professional in the restaurant industry as well as a leader in the community. My experience as a chef and restaurateur has helped me refine my skills in leadership and staff management, property management, maintenance as well as proficiency while dealing with government and legal issues. 

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Elva Haro

Executive Director Elva Haro comes from within the ranks of Liga MAC, having served as Secretary of the non-profit organization’s Board of Directors. Prior to service on the Board of Directors, Elva began volunteering with Liga MAC in 2004 when she was called upon by the Board to collaborate on establishing the ALAS (Wings) self-esteem program for junior high school students. Elva has a Bachelor’s degree in Administration, and a Master’s degree in Gestalt Psychotherapy.

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